The MedEd Pledge was created by

Dr. Alice Cheng
University of Toronto
Mississauga, Canada

THANK YOU to the following colleagues for their generous feedback that helped to shape and refine the Med Ed Pledge:

Dr. Jane Charters
McMaster University
Chair, Halton Women Physicians Group
Oakville, Canada

Dr. Michelle Cohen
Co-Chair, Advocacy Committee,
Canadian Women in Medicine
Queen's University
Brighton, Canada

Anthony Jabbour
Toronto, Canada

Dr. Jacqueline James
Endocrinolology & Metabolism Departmental Division Director
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

Dr. Lawrence A. Leiter
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

Dr. Peter J.Lin
Toronto, Canada

Dr. Samantha Sandler
LMC Bayview
Toronto, Canada

Jennifer Waitman
Ottawa, Canada

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